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Cloud communication services that make businesses more successful. CPaaS.

Voice, Messaging, Video & Identity

SMS, Rich Messaging, RCS, OTT, Iridium, Voice, Video, OTP

Our services are for organisations of all sizes. Use our innovative communication services in mobile, fixed-line and internet with your customers, staff and processes to increase your success.

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Rich array of services for managing personalized interactions with customers, conversational messaging, voice, identity, location, cloud PBX, IoT and operational purposes.

Services specific to mobile messaging, with cloud platforms that allow you to send SMS, receive SMS, trade messaging in our exchange, manage pricing, and test your SMS infrastructure.


Cloud communication services that make businesses more successful. CPaaS.

Tyr SMS Gateway >

SMS gateway platform for A2P, P2A, bulk, wholesale, business, text marketing and other applications to UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries.

webSMS | Rich SMS | SIM Hosting | Virtual Mobile Numbers | emailSMS

  • Bulk SMS / Wholesale SMS provider
  • Worldwide coverage
  • High reliability and availability
  • Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS
  • Mobile Originated (MO) SMS - Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs), Virtual SIM Hosting (VSIM)
  • SMPP SMS API (v3.3, v3.4 and v5); SMPP over TLS
  • SMTP SMS API - email to SMS / SMS to email

Messaging Conversational Messaging Text Marketing Bulk SMS IoT 

Voice Gateway >

Voice conferencing, hosted PBX, text-to-speech (TTS), speech-to-text (STT), numbering and voice SIP trunks.

CloudPBX | Conference | Text-to-Speech | Speech-to-Text | Inbound Voice | Outbound Voice | Voice Routing | Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Convert text to lifelike speech.
  • Convert speech to text.
  • Voice/audio conferencing
  • Hosted PBX for teams
  • Inbound telephone numbers.
  • Inbound voice to SIP endpoint.

Messaging Enterprise Communications Conversational Messaging Chatbots Text-to-Speech 

Video Conferencing >

Web meetings using video conferencing, with support for up to 30 people.

  • Web-based video conferencing from your browser
  • Security and privacy focused
  • Up to 30 people in conference

Enterprise Communications 

Meetings >

Voice. Video. Chat. Sharing.

  • Voice via internet or phone
  • Video
  • Chat - person-to-person, chat rooms / team chat
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing

Enterprise Communications 

SMS Test >

Verify SMS routes are delivering to the mobile networks you need to reach.

  • SMS testing
  • Verify indirect and direct delivery routes
  • Detect fake DLRs
  • Confirm delivering SMSC global title

Campaign >

Use SMS text marketing and other channels to send relevant, timely and personalised communications to your audience to drive engagement.


  • Personalised messaging - message fields.
  • Customer engagement.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Measurable outcomes - customer-level delivery and engagement reporting.
  • Link Collect to an audience in Campaign Solo - automatically add customers to campaigns

Messaging Conversational Messaging Text Marketing 

Conversational Chatbots >

Smart, highly integrated chatbots that deliver scalable near-human customer service.

  • Conversational interactions with users
  • Integrate with back-end systems (CRM, stock, knowledge base, etc)
  • Users communicate using voice or text
  • Provide 24x7 contact for your customers
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Integrate with your website or standalone
  • AI and scripted chatbots

Messaging Conversational Messaging Chatbots 

Rich Messaging >

Rich media messaging that goes beyond SMS text for more engaging customer interactions.


  • Rich media: images, audio, video and text
  • Calls to actions for voice calls, text, forms, website links
  • Integration with customer systems (e.g. booking or ordering system)
  • Message state and tracking
  • Editor for message creation
  • SMS replacement - upgrade your mobile messaging

Messaging Conversational Messaging Text Marketing Bulk SMS 

SMPP SMS Gateway >

Cloud-based high capacity and high reliability SMPP SMS Gateway platform with advanced routing. Supports A2P and P2A SMS.

REST-SMPP Intelligent Bridge

  • Customer management (up to 100k accounts)
  • Supplier management (up to 5000 routes)
  • Sophisticated routing with 10000 SMS/sec throughput
  • Pricing management, traffic rating and billing
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • A2P SMS
  • P2A SMS

Bulk SMS IoT 

SMPP Load Balancer >

Cloud SMPP load balancer supporting MO and MT SMS for high availability, reliability and capacity.

  • Load balance across multiple SMS gateways and SMSCs
  • Bind authorisation on load balancer (or passthru)
  • Up to 10000 SMS/sec throughput
  • Concatenated SMS support
  • A2P SMS
  • P2A SMS

Bulk SMS 

SMSC Simulator >

SMSC simulator for testing your SMS applications and messaging infrastructure using the SMPP protocol.

  • Test SMS applications and infrastructure without SMS cost
  • SMPP v3.3, v3.4 and v5
  • MT and MO SMS testing (A2P and P2A)
  • SMPP over TCP and SMPP over TLS 1.1+ supported
  • SMPP test tool

Bulk SMS 

Dynamic SMS Pricing >

Drive revenue through the flexibility of your pricing, traffic rating and billing.

  • Charge based on time of day, day of week, day of month, week of month
  • Charge based on characteristics of the SMS message (concatenated, scheduled delivery, non-standard message parameters, type of source address, receipt requested)
  • Realtime algorithm-controlled charging, e.g. charge based on current demand
  • Receive detailed billing data for each customer
  • Manage customer pricing and send pricing notifications

Ticketing and Coupons >

Trackable and convenient event tickets and coupons for mobile users.

  • Shared and individual ticket/coupons
  • API for validating tickets/coupons
  • Delivery via link in SMS message
  • Expiry and use tracking
  • Multiple barcode standards supported (1D and 2D)

Notification Gateway >

Notification service that can be relied upon. Delivered via voice, rich messaging, SMS, email, social media and chat.

  • Urgent and time critical notifications
  • Emergency text alerts
  • Mass alerting - customer/staff/population
  • Send notifications to individuals, teams, groups, distribution lists
  • Confirmed delivery
  • Multi-channel - voice, rich messaging, SMS text, email, social media and chat
  • Rich content - images, text, speech
  • Ultra reliable

Messaging Conversational Messaging 

Identity and Location >

Gain trust through identity verification using IP lookup, mobile and email. Phone number lookup for optimising routing.

  • Verify identity using mobile number and email address
  • Lookup geographic location using IP address
  • Lookup mobile network using telephone number
  • HLR lookup

One-Time Password >

Use One-Time Passwords (OTP) in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure a user is who they claim to be when they login or perform transactions.

  • Part of strong customer authentication
  • Simple OTP service API
  • OTP delivery to device, or device generated OTP (TOTP)
  • OTP delivered via SMS, voice or email
  • Enhanced OTP with SIM-swapping fraud check

Enterprise Communications 

SMPP Testing >

Test SMPP compliance and performance of SMS applications, SMSCs, SMS gateways and SMPP servers.

  • SMPP server / SMSC / SMS Gateway testing - simulate SMS application (ESME)
  • SMS application testing - simulate SMSC / SMS gateway
  • SMPP protocol testing
  • SMS load testing

Bulk SMS 

Message Exchange >

SMS marketplace for buyers and sellers. For aggregators, MNOs and enterprises.

RCS Messaging >

RCS Messaging - Rich Communication Services is the replacement for SMS text messaging. Watch this space!

Messaging Conversational Messaging Text Marketing 

Iridium Satellite >

SMS and SBD communication with Iridium satellite phones and modules. Send and receive SMS text messages to and from Iridium devices.

  • Send SMS to Iridium devices
  • Receive SMS from Iridium devices
  • RESTful Iridium API



Cloud-based reliable and high capacity SS7/SIGTRAN SMSC platform with SMPP API for delivery of SMS to mobiles.

  • GSM MAP (Mobile Application Part) 3GPP TS 23.040
  • SMPP v5 API (inc. SMPP v3.3 and v3.4)
  • Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS
  • Option for Virtual Mobile (MO SMS)

Bulk SMS IoT 

SMS Firewall >

Protect your routes from unwanted traffic and ensure compliance.

  • Filter customer traffic based on message content and other characteristics of the SMS message (type of source address, protocol ID, data coding, etc)
  • Filter messages submitted to suppliers based on message content and other characteristics of the SMS message (type of source address, protocol ID, data coding, etc)
  • Alarms raised when messages breach criteria
  • Reject or modify messages
  • Inbound and outbound SMS messages

Compression >

Reduce data and messaging costs using high-performance compression.

  • Data and message compression for IoT and other captive applications
  • Reduce the number of SMS parts in a long/concatenated SMS
  • Use IoT narrowband channels to carry more data


Web Portals and Applications >

White label portals and applications to add to your service portfolio or use within your business.

  • Communication service creation for specific business applications
  • Web portals and applications for sending and receiving messages
  • Multi-modal communication (voice, video, SMS, email, chat)
  • API development
  • Integration of communications into applications