Environmental Policy

Melrose Labs Ltd, including its shareholders, staff and management, support the protection of a sustainable environment and as such are committed to the prevention of pollution and continuous environmental improvement, by reducing the impact of our operations on the environment.

Our Commitment

Melrose Labs Ltd is committed to:

  • continuous environmental improvement and prevention of pollution;
  • adhering to and complying with all relevant legislation and regulations;
  • operating the business in an environmentally sensitive manner;
  • minimising the consumption of natural resources and avoid waste;
  • promoting health, safety and environmental awareness throughout the company;
  • reducing, re-using and recycling where practically possible.

In practical terms this means as a minimum that we must:

  • recycle cans, plastics and paper/card using the recycling bins provided;
  • not print when printing is not necessary;
  • avoid single-use consumables, packaging and containers;
  • not waste energy in office – switch off lights and electrical equipment when they are not needed;
  • not waste energy in operations - aim to use only the minimum of computing resources required for providing services;
  • only use air transport when necessary.

Cloud Usage and Sustainability

Our services are largely provided by cloud computing. This is an efficient means of operating our services, rather than operating our own server racks or small data centre. Typical large-scale cloud providers - such as Amazon Web Services which we use - achieves approximately 65% server utilisation rates versus 15% on-premises. This means that companies moving to the cloud typically provision less than a quarter of the servers than they would on-premises. In addition, a typical on-premises data center is 29% less efficient in their use of power compared to typical large-scale cloud providers. This results in companies such as Melrose Labs only needing 16 of the power we would otherwise use if we operated our server infrastructure on-premises. For more information, please read AWS's Sustainability page.

We welcome all comments and constructive criticism from any party regarding our policy and approach to protecting the environment.