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RCS Chatbot Gateway

Gateway between chatbots and RCS chatbot platforms

Introducing the RCS Chatbot Gateway, an advanced interoperability solution designed to bridge RCS Chatbot Platforms with chatbots from diverse vendors. This gateway is engineered to streamline the integration process, enabling seamless communication across different messaging ecosystems. It eliminates the need for platform-specific adaptations, offering a unified approach to deploying chatbot services.

Leveraging the RCS Chatbot Gateway, developers can access a suite of RCS features, including high-resolution media sharing, read receipts, typing indicators, and secure data transmission, through a standardized API. This ensures that chatbots deliver a consistent, engaging user experience across platforms, while maintaining data integrity and privacy through end-to-end encryption and secure authentication protocols.

By simplifying the integration landscape, the RCS Chatbot Gateway significantly reduces development overhead, accelerates time-to-market, and opens up new possibilities for innovation in chatbot services. It's an invaluable tool for developers looking to enhance their chatbot applications with rich communication features, without the complexity of dealing with multiple messaging platforms. Dive into the future of chatbot interoperability with the RCS Chatbot Gateway and unlock the full potential of your chatbot services.


The RCS Chatbot Gateway is available in cloud and on-premises versions:

Cloud instances : No subscription

24-hour instances: RCS Chatbot Gateway instances for testing and development purposes that are time-limited from when created. Instances are deleted after 24-hours.

Cloud instances : Subscription

Continual instances: RCS Chatbot Gateway instances for production, testing or development purposes that are not time-limited. Up to 25 gateway instances.

GBP 250 per month

RCS Chatbot Gateways can be created and run for up to 24-hours without charge. A gateway created without a subscription will be deleted after 24-hours.

If you wish to operate a gateway for production purposes, testing or development for a duration longer than 24-hours, then an RCS Chatbot Gateway subscription must be purchased on this page.


RCS Chatbot Gateway subscriptions enable gateway instances to be created that will run continually for over 24-hours. Up to 25 gateway instances can be created with a subscription.

Purchase RCS Chatbot Gateway subscription

Note: Purchased subscriptions can take up to 4-hours to be added to your account.

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