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A small number of services described on this website are currently only intended for sale by, or use by, Hay Systems Ltd ("HSL Mobile"), a company registered in Scotland and having company registration number SC201362. This is due to a restrictive covenant between ourselves and LINK Mobility Group AS ("LINK") following the sale of HSL Mobile to LINK. Specifically, the services in-scope of this restriction ("the restricted services") are those that could have competed with those provided by HSL Mobile in the period up to 14 December 2018. This restriction ends on 14 December 2020 and we have no intention whatsoever of breaching the restriction.

If you are interested in the any of the restricted services of Melrose Labs then you may wish to approach HSL Mobile and request our services via them. Please note that HSL Mobile are under no obligation to provide our services. We regret that we are unable to provide the restricted services via any entity other than HSL Mobile during the period of the restriction. If any LINK company wishes to use the services of Melrose Labs then request this through LINK Mobility Group AS.

The restricted services will be made available directly by Melrose Labs to other organisations in:

Please note that for the restricted services your commercial relationship would be with HSL Mobile, however the technical service would be provided directly by Melrose Labs.

This website is operated by Melrose Labs. We do not guarantee that this site is free from errors or omissions. Melrose Labs was founded in 2019 by Mark Hay, the founder and former owner and CEO/CTO of Hay Systems Ltd / HSL Mobile located in Edinburgh, Scotland, a company that was acquired by LINK Mobility Group AS in December 2018.

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