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Melrose Labs.

Cloud communication services provider.

Innovative services that help businesses increase their success through better communication with staff and customers.
SMS Testing - Testing of SMS Applications, Delivery and Other Infrastructure
Customer Engagement Using SMS Text Marketing - SMS text marketing can be highly effective for engaging with customers.
Phone System for Startups - A startup business needs the right tools for success. Is a hosted PBX phone system a good choice for them?
SMS Gateway - SMS Gateway for Sending and Receiving SMS
SMS API - SMS APIs for Sending and Receiving SMS
Voice Conferencing for Your Team - Conference from Melrose Labs: Voice Conferencing for Teams

Our Focus

Our mission is to deliver pivotal services in cloud communications across mobile, fixed-line and internet for enterprises of all sizes. These services allow organisations to improve their effectiveness, increase revenues and reduce costs when they use our cutting-edge communication services in business operations, and with customers and staff.

Moving the needle

Services that move the needle in the right direction for you and your customers.


Reliable, innovative and sophisticated software and systems.


Depend on our expertise and reliability in business critical needs.


Our services are cloud-based and can easily be integrated with your systems.

Conversational Messaging

Conversational Messaging

Conversational interactions bring results through a better customer experience.



Always present and consistent help.



Say it with speech.

Text Marketing

Text Marketing

SMS text marketing.



Messages between people, between people and systems and between systems.



Communication with devices.


Voice, Messaging and Multi-Channel

Rich array of services for managing personalized interactions with customers, conversational messaging, voice, identity, location, cloud PBX, IoT and operational purposes.

Voice Gateway

Conferencing, hosted PBX, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, numbering and voice SIP trunks.
CloudPBX | Conference | Text-to-Speech | Speech-to-Text | Inbound Voice | Outbound Voice | Voice Routing

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Mobile marketing that measurably drives sales.

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Collect customer data so you can market more effectively.

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Conversational Chatbots

Smart, highly integrated chatbots that deliver excellent customer service.

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Ticketing and Coupons

Trackable and convenient event tickets and coupons for mobile users.

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Identity and Location

Identity verification and routing intelligence for telecoms and IT services.

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Iridium Satellite

SMS and SBD with Iridium satellite phones and modules.

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Notification Gateway

Notification service that can be relied upon to deliver your messages.

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Improve support of your customers, supplier traffic queries and compliance.

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Reduce data and messaging costs through compression.

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Reporting and Analysis

Clearly understand your messaging traffic – volumes, revenue, costs and margins

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Web Portals and Applications

White label portals and applications to add to your service portfolio.

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MSC, HLR & AuC (SS7)

MSC, HLR and AuC capability for your own mobile network.


Mobile Messaging

Services specific to mobile messaging, including cloud platforms, trading exchange, pricing management and testing.

Tyr SMS Gateway

UK SMS gateway for A2P bulk SMS and other applications. Multiple SMS APIs.
emailSMS | webSMS

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Rich Messaging

Rich media messaging that goes beyond text for more engaging customer interactions.

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SMPP SMS Gateway

Cloud SMS Gateway platform with advanced routing, reliability and capacity.

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SMSC Simulator

SMPP SMSC simulator to test SMS messaging applications.

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Dynamic SMS Pricing

Drive revenue through the flexibility of your pricing, traffic rating and billing.

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SMPP Implementation Testing

SMPP compliance and performance testing of SMSCs, SMS gateways and apps.

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Message Exchange

SMS marketplace for buyers and sellers. For aggregators, MNOs and enterprises.

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RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging - The replacement for SMS text messaging.

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Cloud-based reliable and high capacity SS7/SIGTRAN SMSC platform with SMPP API.

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SMS Firewall

Protect your routes from illegal traffic and ensure compliance.

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Virtual Mobile (SS7)

Inbound SMS platform as part of your virtual mobile offering.



Uses of our services by sector.

Our services can be used in almost all sectors around the world. Here are a small number of examples.

Banking - Finance - Retail - Logistics - Transport - Education - Healthcare - Government - Technology - Telecommunications - Utilities



Customer Services: Keeping customers informed when their flights are affected is paramount.

Keeping customers in the dark leads to frustration and them getting a negative impression of your organisation and brand. When things go wrong, keep customers frequently updated and ensure you're reaching them. SMS text messaging is an effective and straightforward way of making a significant difference to customers and protecting the perception of your organisation and brand.

Relevant services: Voice Gateway, Rich Messaging, Tyr SMS Gateway, SMPP SMS Gateway, Conversational Chatbots



Customer Services: When a customer needs to send a package, they can arrange for the pick-up of the package using your Conversational Chatbot.

The chatbot would collect customer, package and destination details, and answer any queries. This would take place without the customer needing to speak with a human agent. If the need arises, the customer can speak with the chatbot again at a later date. The chatbot allows for an efficient and consistent customer experience when dealing with your organisation. Status updates can also be sent by SMS text to give the customer assurance that the package is progressing to its destination and when it gets delivered. If there are any issues then a text update can be sent to the customer to keep them informed or request they get in contact.

Relevant services: Rich Messaging, Tyr SMS Gateway, SMPP SMS Gateway, Conversational Chatbots

Delivery Notifications/Updates: An SMS text message or rich message can be sent to the recipient of a package, or even the sender of the package, to let them know when their package is scheduled to be delivered.

This can be used to ensure the recipient is going to be available to receive the package or to reschedule for when they will be available. Employing delivery notiifcations such as these can help to decrease the number of packages needing delivery re-attempts, reduce delivery costs and increase the efficiency of delivery drivers.

Relevant services: Rich Messaging, Tyr SMS Gateway, SMPP SMS Gateway



Promotions: Send a personalised message to your customers with a discount code and images of your products looking their best!

Messaging is a direct and personal way of reaching your customers. Couple this with a message that is personalised to your customer to give you a greater chance of your customer buying. Personalised content not only needs to be compelling through the use of images and good copy but should be relevant to the customer's shopping history. Messages with rich content, rather than plain text messages, are more likely to result in your customers buying your products.

Relevant services: Rich Messaging, Tyr SMS Gateway, SMPP SMS Gateway, Conversational Chatbots


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