Voice Gateway

Text-to-speech, speech-to-text, cloud PBX and voice SIP trunks.

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Text-to-speech (TTS), speech-to-text (STT), cloud PBX and voice routing. Inbound and outbound voice.

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Voice is how we naturally communicate and can often be more appropriate than SMS text, email, chat or other forms of written or visual communication.

Voice Gateway is about enabling interaction through voice: from inbound and outbound call termination, to bridging between voice and other communication channels and applications. With Voice Gateway you can easily and effectively integrate voice into your systems whether you are using the Voice API, SIP, our telephone numbering or CloudPBX.

The Melrose Labs Voice API provides access to the services that are part of the Voice Gateway. This API allows access to services using a RESTful HTTPS interface.

Voice Gateway Services

CloudPBX >

Advanced hosted PBX phone system for your team.

  • Voicemail
  • Conferencing
  • Auto Attendant
  • 10 extensions as standard
  • UK telephone number or bring your own
  • BYO SIP provider or use us

Conference >

Voice conferencing for teams.

  • Conference calling for teams
  • Dedicated inbound number
  • Uncomplicated - dial-in and speak
  • PIN option

Text-to-Speech >

Convert text to lifelike speech. Speech stream delivered via email, HTTPS callback, URL, SIP or SMS.

  • Lifelike voices
  • Asyncronous and syncronous RESTful API
  • Large selection of voices
  • Multi-language support


Speech-to-Text >

Transcribe a speech file to text.

  • Convert file (MP3) containing speech to text
  • Syncronous and asyncronous RESTful API
  • Text storage
  • Fast automatic speech recognition


Inbound Voice >

Inbound numbering and voice to your SIP endpoint.

  • UK and Ireland telephone numbers
  • Inbound SIP trunk
  • Set SIP endpoint for inbound call
  • API controllable

Outbound Voice >

Quality SIP trunk for outbound voice.

  • Reliable
  • Quality routes
  • Simultaneous calls
  • Mobile and fixed-line networks worldwide

Voice Routing >

Control voice calls.

  • SIP router
  • Route based on called or calling party, time of day
  • Record calls
  • Transcribe calls

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Service snapshot

  • Convert text to lifelike speech. Speech stream delivered via email, HTTPS callback, URL, SIP or SMS.
  • Convert speech to text.
  • Allocate inbound telephone numbers.
  • Inbound voice to SIP endpoint.

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