Voice Gateway

Inbound and outbound voice. Text-to-speech, speech-to-text and voice routing.

Inbound and outbound voice. Text-to-speech (TTS), speech-to-text (STT) and voice routing.

Revenue generation 

Voice is how we naturally communicate and can often be more appropriate than SMS text, email, chat or other forms of written or visual communication.

Voice Gateway is about enabling interaction through voice; from inbound and outbound call termination, to bridging between voice and other communication channels and applications. With Voice Gateway you can easily and effectively integrate voice into your systems.

Voice API : Text-to-Speech

The Melrose Labs Voice API is REST-compliant and commenced roll-out Q2 2019, starting with the Text-to-Speech service. This new service allows an application to have a text-to-speech (TTS) conversion performed on a long or short text and for the resulting voice stream to be delivered via a number of different channels:

  • Playback during a SIP call
  • Link in an SMS text message
  • Link or attachment in an email
  • HTTPS retrieval using REST-compliant Voice API call
  • HTTPS callback with file attached (POST)
  • HTTPS callback including URL of file for retrieval

The Text-to-Speech service is one of many building blocks that will be released as part of the Voice API over the coming months.

Using Email to Access Text-to-Speech

Email can be used to easily and quickly perform a text-to-speech (TTS) conversion as an alternative to using REST HTTPS calls to the Voice API. Send an email to the Text-to-Speech service at voice@api.melroselabs.com and use the subject field to contain the text you wish converted. After a number of seconds, you will receive an email back from the service with an MP3 file containing the converted speech.

Various voices and corresponding languages are available using email addresses specifc to each voice. The format of each email address is voice.language.voice@api.melroselabs.com and the options for voice and language are shown below.

Available languages and voices

The following languages and voices are available using the Text-to-Speech service of the Voice API:

Language Voice Sample Email (example)
Arabic (arb)Zeina (f) zeina.arb.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Chinese, Mandarin (cmn-CN)Zhiyu (f) zhiyu.cmn-cn.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Danish (da-dk)Mads (m)
Naja (f)
Dutch (nl-nl)Lotte (f)
Ruben (m)
English, Australian (en-AU)Russell (m)
Nicole (f)
English (en-GB)Emma (f)
Amy (f)
Brian (m)
English, Indian (en-IN)Aditi (f)
Raveena (f)
English (en-US)Salli (f)¹
Ivy (f)
Joanna (f)
Kendra (f)
Kimberly (f)
Joey (m)
Justin (m)
Matthew (m)
English, Welsh (en-GB-WLS)Geraint (m) geraint.en-gb-wls.voice@api.melroselabs.com
French (fr-FR)Céline/Celine (f)
Léa/Lea (f)
Mathieu (m)
French, Canadian (fr-CA)Chantal (f) chantal.fr-ca.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Germany (de-DE)Vicki (f)
Marlene (f)
Hans (m)
Hindi (hi-IN)Aditi (f) aditi.hi-in.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Icelandic (is-IS)Karl (m)
Dóra/Dora (f)
Italian (it-IT)Bianca (f)
Carla (f)
Giorgio (m)
Japanese (ja-JP)Mizuki (f)
Takumi (m)
Korean (ko-KR)Seoyeon (f) seoyeon.ko-kr.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Norwegian (nb-NO)Liv (f) liv.nb-no.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Polish (pl-PL)Jan (m)
Ewa (f)
Maja (f)
Jacek (m)
Portuguese (pt-BR)Vitória/Vitoria (f)
Ricardo (m)
Portuguese (pt-PT)Cristiano (m)
Inês/Ines (f)
Romanian (ro-RO)Carmen (f) carmen.ro-ro.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Russian (ru-RU)Tatyana (f)
Maxim (m)
Spanish (es-ES)Enrique (m)
Lucia (f)
Conchita (f)
Spanish (es-MX)Mia (f) mia.es-mx.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Spanish (es-US)Penélope/Penelope (f)
Miguel (m)
Swedish (sv-SE)Astrid (f) astrid.sv-se.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Turkish (tr-TR)Filiz (f) filiz.tr-tr.voice@api.melroselabs.com
Welsh (cy-GB)Gwyneth (f) gwyneth.cy-gb.voice@api.melroselabs.com

¹ Default voice. Used for voice@api.melroselabs.com or when no voice is specified during a Voice API REST call.

  • Convert text to lifelike speech. Speech stream delivered via email, HTTPS callback, URL, SIP or SMS

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