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Inbound Voice

SIP trunk and telephone numbers for inbound voice to your SIP endpoint.

Voice Gateway : Inbound Voice

The Inbound Voice service from Melrose Labs allows voice calls from landlines and mobiles to be received by a telephone number and routed to a VoIP SIP endpoint of your choice.

You can allocate to your account, and receive calls on, telephone numbers from the following countries:

  • UK flag United Kingdom
  • IE flag Ireland

Telephone numbers available from the Inbound Voice service can be used to route inbound calls to your PBX (including virtual PBX services such as CloudPBX), IVRs and other voice applications.

There is currently no charge for allocating telephone numbers for inbound voice using this service. Telephone numbers for geographic areas including Edinburgh (0131), Newcastle (0191) and Manchester (0161), and non-geographic telephone numbers (0845), can be allocated using the request form below.

Get Inbound UK Telephone Number

Instantly get a UK telephone number and have calls directed to your SIP endpoint. Note that when using this form we will periodically use your email address to verify that you still need your allocated telephone number.

IP address (IPv4) or hostname
Port number in range 2000 to 65000
Select a telephone number from those listed
Enter your email address

Telephone numbers allocated using this service are NOT suitable for use with broadcast media such as TV or radio programmes.


The Melrose Labs Inbound Voice service is available using our REST Voice API.

Get your API Key now and start using the Inbound Voice service REST API


Service snapshot

  • UK and Ireland telephone numbers
  • Inbound SIP trunk
  • Web phone for calls to and from browser
  • Set SIP endpoint for inbound call
  • API controllable

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