Entry level cloud SMS gateway platform.

Operate an SMS gateway service using the Melrose Labs SMS Box platform. The globally distributed cloud-based SMS Box platform provides API and portal access for your customers to send and receive SMS, and gives you the ability to manage customers, supplier connections and routing.

You can use SMS Box as your launching pad to start a mobile messaging business, or to equip your organisation with its own mobile messaging capabilty. This platform includes the SMS Box Admin Portal and messaging nodes located wordlwide. Your clients can utilise the txtConsole end-user portal, SMPP or our REST API for sending and receiving text messages. This portal offers a variety of applications suitable for marketing, customer onboarding, appointment reminders, internal staff communication, customer service, and much more.

SMS Box Administration Portal

Manage your worldwide SMS Box instance via the Administration Portal, which offers various functions briefly outlined below.


Settings for your SMS gateway that cover routing, user access, operations and pricing.


Customer accounts, balances and contacts. End-user portal. SMPP and REST SMS accounts.


Suppliers for delivering messages sent via your SMS gateway. Supplier SMPP connection details and route costs.


Define routing and use of round-robin or network-based routing strategy. Route analysis for MSISDNs.


Reports covering customers, suppliers, networks, errors and queued messages. Define time zone for reporting.


View status of customer and supplier connections. Query the status of messages submitted by customers.

SMS gateway platforms, such as the Melrose Labs SMS Box, are an essential core element that enable the reliable delivery of SMS messages to and from mobile users. They are used by messaging aggregators to provide SMS services to their customers, enterprises to manage messaging between different parts of the business and upstream messaging providers, and DevOps teams in organisations to develop, test and deploy messaging capabilities.

The SMS Box handles the technical aspects of conveying messages from your customers, via your suppliers and onto mobile users, and allows you to monetise the service and charge your customers for the SMS traffic that they send and receive.

Customers use REST or Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP ) to connect with SMS Box. SMPP is used by the gateway platform to connect with your suppliers. Paying customers (SMS Box Standard) may request REST/HTTP API support for connecting to their suppliers.

txtConsole End-User Customer Portal

The SMS Box includes the txtConsole end-user portal for use by your customers as an alternative to APIs for sending and receiving SMS. It has a number of applications for marketing, customer onboarding, appointment reminding, staff communication, customer support and more. Your customers can also use it to look-up the status of individual messages and to view messaging reports.

txtConsole login
txtConsole send message
txtConsole sent messages
txtConsole Customer Portal (neutral; optionally brandable for SMPP SMS Gateway customers) - Access for customers to send messages and campaigns, view reports

Compare Melrose Labs SMS platforms

SMS Box Lite SMS Box Standard SMPP SMS Gateway
Price Free USD 50 (per month) € 0.00015 per SMS
txtConsole Portal
Suppliers 3 5 Unlimited
Ready to send
(Tyr SMS gateway + credits)
- -
Customers 10 100 Unlimited
Maximum SMS rate 5 SMS/sec 25 SMS/sec 10000 SMS/sec
Services / routing / pricing 1 3 Unlimited
Customer balance Credits only Credits only Currency or credits
Reporting Limited +
Billing and Emailing -
CDRs, Rules, Firewall - -
Message lookup Last 7 days Last 30 days Last 12 months
Support Documentation only Email 8x5 UK
Customisation and enhancement - -
Available soon Contact us Read more

Data Retention and Data Privacy

Data retention and data privacy policies ensure that data is handled securely and in accordance with GDPR. Mobile telephone numbers and message content are kept encrypted at rest and in motion whenever possible. Account-level policies ensure that messages are erased in line with your organisation's data retention policy.

Service snapshot

  • SMPP and REST/HTTP API for customers and SMSC connections
  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • A2P SMS
  • P2A SMS

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