Notification Gateway

Notification service that can be relied upon to deliver your messages.

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Notification service that can be relied upon. Delivered via voice, rich messaging, SMS, email and chat.

Categories: Conversational Messaging Messaging Notifications Bulk SMS 

When using Notification Gateway you can have confidence that a message will be delivered to a person. This can be achieved via one or many channels such as voice, rich messaging, SMS, email or chat. The message can be a critical notification that is being broadcast or merely a non-urgent update.

With Notification Gateway the method of delivery, such as SMS or email, is not as significant a concern as the act of the message being successfully delivered in a timely fashion to an individual or group of individuals. We allow you to be less concerned about how the message is delivered and instead to concern yourself with the content of the message.

Service snapshot

  • Urgent and time critical notifications
  • Mass alerting - customer/staff/population
  • Send notifications to individuals, teams, groups, distribution lists
  • Confirmed delivery
  • Multi-channel - voice, rich messaging, SMS text, email and chat
  • Rich content - images, text, speech
  • Interactive and integrated
  • Ultra reliable

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