Rich Messaging

Message content that goes beyond text for more engaging customer interactions.

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Message content that goes beyond text for more engaging customer interactions.

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Use Rich Messaging when you want to provide a smart and high-quality customer experience through mobile devices. Rich Messaging goes far beyond SMS messaging and provides meaningful and secure interactions that include calls-to-actions (CTAs), text, video and images that reinforce your brand. Rich Messaging can provide effective customer interaction through tight integration with your systems and business processes. Rich Messaging can also be a superior replacement for existing SMS services.

The power of Rich Messaging comes not only from what the user can see on their mobile screen but also from the interactions that take place through the integration with a customer's systems. These integrations with CRM systems allow order history to be retrieve and personalisation of messages. They also enable orders or bookings to be taken and done in a way that delivers an amazing customer experience.

Use Rich Messaging to move communications with mobile users beyond plain SMS text messaging. Use it to move beyond simple text marketing. It is incredibly effective for everyone from retailers and their customers, to dentists and their patients.

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Engage simply, but significantly.

Rich messages are specially designed for viewing on the screen of a mobile and contain text, images, video and calls to action that allow you to engage better with your customers. When sending the rich message you specify a template for the message and the content that you want in each part of the template. We securely store the message on our servers and securely send the message to your customer when they click the link in the SMS text message.

Customer experience. Brand.

Rich Messaging enables you to interact with a customer, such as have them confirm an appointment, consider your latest special offer or click through to your website. It is also a powerful tool that allows the use of images to convey a real sense of your product. It may be that you wish to improve the experience for your customers by having a more natural and visually appealing communication while representing your organisation and its brand much better than a simple SMS text message can do.

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Service snapshot

  • Images, audio, video and text
  • Calls to actions for voice calls, text, forms, website links
  • Integration with customer systems (e.g. booking or ordering system)
  • Message state and tracking
  • Editor for message creation
  • SMS replacement - upgrade your mobile messaging

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