Tyr SMS Gateway


Email SMS gateway service to send and receive SMS.

Tyr SMS Gateway

Send and receive SMS through email using our emailSMS service. The email-to-SMS gateway enables you to use your email client to quickly send a message to a single person or thousands of people in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries. With emailSMS you can read and reply to messages received from mobile users.

What if sending an SMS was as easy as sending an email? Well, it can be with the emailSMS service of the Melrose Labs Tyr SMS Gateway using its email-to-SMS capability. Compose an email in your chosen email client, address the email to the mobile number of your intended recipient, and then click "Send". Within seconds your message will have arrived at the recipient's mobile and - as is the case with SMS text messages - read within seconds.

Not only can SMS be sent to mobiles using email, but SMS can be received into your email inbox too using the SMS-to-email capability of the emailSMS service. The mobile user creates their message and sends it to a mobile number as they would normally do. However, instead of the message being delivered to another mobile user, it would be delivered to your email inbox. The mobile number to which they have sent their message is the SMS equivalent of your email address.

With emailSMS can send a message to one or many recipients in the same way as you send an SMS. Email distribution lists and contacts can be used in a similar way to how you use them for sending emails, in order to send a message to many recipients at one.

Emails do not need to come from the email client on your laptop or desktop, they can also come from an application that generates emails as a result of an event or some other trigger. Use emailSMS and its email-to-SMS gateway capability, provided through its SMTP SMS gateway, to send notifications to customers that their order is out for delivery, to notify them that their invoice is due for payment or for your latest promotion.

emailSMS supports Outlook, Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other email clients.

Coming in late 2020.

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Service snapshot

  • Email SMS service from your computer
  • Email-to-SMS: Send SMS to individuals, teams or groups
  • SMS-to-Email: Receive SMS from mobiles into your email inbox
  • Send a text as easily as sending an email
  • Delivery confirmation supported
  • SMTP SMS gateway

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