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SIM Hosting

Virtual SIM Hosting and Physical SIM Hosting for inbound SMS.

SIM Card Hosting allows SMS to be received from mobiles and conveyed via REST or SMPP API to an application, or to a portal or other application. This enables SMS from mobile users to be sent to an application, and for the application to perform some action based on the received SMS. There are two ways of receiving SMS from mobiles when using SIM Hosting: i) Virtual SIM Hosting and ii) Physical SIM Hosting. In both cases, the customer-supplied SIM card is used for receiving SMS and is not used for sending SMS to mobiles.

SIM Hosting can be used to provide a local number to which mobiles from the same country can send messages for the same cost as sending a message to any other local mobile number. Mobiles from other supported networks worldwide can also send messages to the same number. Use in combination with sending SMS to mobiles using our APIs and portals to perform two-way SMS messaging between mobiles and your application.

With Virtual SIM Hosting and Physical SIM Hosting, mobile originated (MO) SMS can be received by an application using the Tyr SMS Gateway SMPP and REST APIs.

Virtual SIM Hosting

Virtual SIM Hosting (VSIM) provides a high performance method of receiving up to 200 SMS per second through a customer-supplied SIM. The mobile number of the SIM can be used to receive SMS without the limitations of physical SIM card hosting. This service is a means of getting the performance of Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs) with the advantage of a national mobile number (e.g. a SIM from a mobile network in France for use with a service targeted at mobile users in France). The service also has the benefit of the SIM being owned and supplied by the customer.

Physical SIM Hosting

Physical SIM Hosting provides a lower performance compared to VSIM, with up to 20 SMS per second through a SIM owned and supplied by the customer. Physical SIM Hosting is typically used where Virtual SIM Hosting cannot provide the coverage required for inbound SMS.


Melrose Labs SIM Hosting is available with the Tyr SMS Gateway Enterprise account. Please contact us for details.

Physical SIM Hosting

SetupRental (per month)Messages

Virtual SIM Hosting

SetupRental (per month)Messages
GBP 50GBP 301000 MO SMS/month included, then GBP 0.008 per SMS

Data Retention and Data Privacy

Data retention and data privacy policies ensure that data is handled securely and in accordance with GDPR. Mobile telephone numbers and message content are kept encrypted at rest and in motion whenever possible. Account-level policies ensure that messages are erased in line with your organisation's data retention policy.

Service snapshot

  • Worldwide coverage
  • High reliability and availability
  • Mobile Originated (MO) SMS
  • Physical SIM Hosting: SIM hosted in GSM modem
  • Virtual SIM Hosting (VSIM): SS7 network for receiving SMS

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