RCS Messaging

RCS Developer Tools

Tools for developing, testing and operating RCS applications

RCS Chatbot Gateway

Gateway between chatbots and MaaP-capable RCS chatbot platforms. Supports multiple chatbots and APIs.

RCS MaaP Simulator

The RCS MaaP Simulator service enables simulation of an RCS chatbot platform and messaging between a chatbot and mobile phones.

RCS Client Simulator

Web-based RCS Client that simulates a mobile phone's RCS messaging client.

Code and libraries

Code tutorials

APIs and languages for sending RCS:

See send RCS for others.

Libraries (3rd party)

Libraries by API and language:

RCS code bench

Collection of editable and runnable code samples in a variety of languages for different RCS interactions.

RCS Developer Tools includes tools for RCS Business Messaging (Messaging-as-a-Platform : Chatbot), 1-to-1 Messaging and Group Chat

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