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Send RCS with MaaP using Node.js

Sending RCS with the MaaP API using the Node.js programming language

The rcs-maap-bot module can be used to make MaaP requests using Node.js to send RCS.

Node.js requirements and resources

Node.js is a scripting/programming language and can be used to quickly and easily add RCS support for programmatically sending and receiving RCS messages. Use it for transactional messaging and notifications between your application and mobiles. The following are required to send RCS using Node.js:

  • Node.js
    Node.js is a scripting/programming language

Requirements and resources

The following are required to send RCS with MaaP using Node.js:


npm install rcs-maap-bot


The following example Node.js code makes a MaaP call to the API_URL endpoint to send a message in response to a message received from the user. Replace the API_URL, BOT_ID and TOKEN with details from your RCS MaaP provider. Alternatively, use details for the Melrose Labs RCS MaaP Simulator.

The following example Node.js code starts a HTTP server on port 3000, waits for a message from a user, and when a message is received sends a message back to the user with the content of their message and two suggestions.


Using in production

Whatever the language or API, you can send RCS and receive RCS between applications and mobiles for a wide range of uses.

We provide a wide range of CPaaS services and infrastructure to organisations, including cloud platforms that enable you to run your own SMS gateway.

Get in contact with us to find out more about CPaaS voice, messaging, video and identity from Melrose Labs.


For testing your application's RCS support when using the MaaP protocol, we recommend starting with the Melrose Labs RCS MaaP Simulator service to simulate RCS messaging to and from mobiles.

RCS Code Bench

Get MaaP credentials for RCS MaaP Simulator

RCS Developer Tools

Alternative APIs and languages

Other languages covered in our tutorials that can be used for sending and receiving RCS with MaaP include: Python, cURL

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