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4.2.1 submit_sm Operation

This operation is used by an ESME to submit a short message to the MC for onward transmission to a specified short message entity (SME). submit_sm Syntax

Field Name Size octets Type Description Ref.
command_length 4 Integer Set to overall length of PDU. 4.7.4
command_id 4 Integer 0x00000004 4.7.5
command_status 4 Integer 0x00000000 4.7.6
sequence_number 4 Integer Set to a Unique sequence number. The associated submit_sm_resp PDU will echo this sequence number. 4.7.24
service_type Var. max 6 C-Octet String The service_type parameter can be used to indicate the SMS Application service associated with the message. Specifying the service_type allows the ESME to avail of enhanced messaging services such as “replace by service_type” or to control the teleservice used on the air interface.
Set to NULL for default MC settings
source_addr_ton 1 Integer Type of Number for source address.
If not known, set to NULL (Unknown).
source_addr_npi 1 Integer Numbering Plan Indicator for source address.
If not known, set to NULL (Unknown).
source_addr Var. max 21 C-Octet String Address of SME which originated this message.
If not known, set to NULL (Unknown).
dest_addr_ton  1  Integer  Type of Number for destination  4.7.1
dest_addr_npi1IntegerNumbering Plan Indicator for destination4.7.2
destination_addr Var. max 21 C-Octet String Destination address of this short message For mobile terminated messages, this is the directory number of the recipient MS 4.7.8
esm_class1IntegerIndicates Message Mode and Message Type4.7.12
protocol_id1IntegerProtocol Identifier. Network specific field.4.7.20
priority_flag1IntegerDesignates the priority level of the message4.7.19
schedule_delivery_time 1 or 17 C-Octet String The short message is to be scheduled by the MC for delivery.
Set to NULL for immediate message delivery
validity_period 1 or 17 C-Octet String The validity period of this message.
Set to NULL to request the MC default validity period.
Note: this is superseded by the qos_time_to_live TLV if specified. Ref.
registered_delivery 1 Integer Indicator to signify if a MC delivery receipt, manual ACK, delivery ACK or an intermediate notification is required. 4.7.21
replace_if_present_flag 1 Integer Flag indicating if the submitted message should replace an existing message. 4.7.22
data_coding1IntegerDefines the encoding scheme of the short message user data.4.7.7
sm_default_msg_id 1 Integer Indicates the short message to send from a list of pre- defined (‘canned’) short messages stored on the MC. If not using a MC canned message, set to NULL. 4.7.27
sm_length1IntegerLength in octets of the short_message user data.4.7.28
short_message Var. 0-255 Octet String Up to 255 octets of short message user data.
The exact physical limit for short_message size may vary according to the underlying network.
Note: this field is superceded by the message_payload TLV if specified. Ref.
Message Submission TLVs Var. TLV 4.2.4 submit_sm_resp Syntax

Field Name Size octets Type Description Ref.
command_length 4 Integer Set to overall length of PDU. 4.7.4
command_id 4 Integer 0x80000004 4.7.5
command_status 4 Integer Indicates outcome of submit_sm request. 4.7.6
sequence_number 4 Integer Set to sequence number of original submit_sm PDU. 4.7.24
message_id Var. max 65 C-Octet String This field contains the MC message ID of the submitted message. It may be used at a later stage to query the status of a message, cancel or replace the message. 4.7.14
Message Submission Response TLVs Var. TLV   4.2.5

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