Melrose Labs SMPP Analyser

Online SMPP session capture and analyser. Beta

Usage instructions

Capture SMPP sessions online, view in web browser, and download into Wireshark.

Connect your messaging application to the SMPP Analyser, and the SMPP Analyser connects to your provider.

  1. Set "Target SMPP host" and "Target SMPP port" to hostname/IP and port of your provider.
  2. Click "Allocate" to get dedicated port number.
  3. Configure your messaging application to use the "Analyser SMPP host" and "Analyser SMPP port".
  4. Connect and bind your application to the SMPP Analyser.

The SMPP Analyser will relay SMPP requests and responses between your application and your messaging provider. Each will be displayed in your web browser and can be downloaded in Pcap format.

Save capture

The latest 1000 SMPP PDUs can be saved to a Wireshark PcapNG file.

Query string parameters

Use the following parameters in the URL query string to preset the SMPP Analyser fields.

The following sets the target SMPP host and port.

Target (provider)
hostSMPP server
portSMPP server port (normally 2775)2775


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