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SMPP alert_notification


4.1.3 Alert Notification Operation

The alert_notification PDU is sent by the MC to the ESME across a Receiver or Transceiver session. It is sent when the MC has detected that a particular mobile subscriber has become available and a delivery pending flag had been previously set for that subscriber by means of the set_dpf TLV (ref.

A typical use of this operation is to trigger a data content "Push" to the subscriber from a WAP Proxy Server.

Note: There is no associated alert_notification_resp PDU. alert_notification Syntax

Following is the format of the SMPP alert_notification PDU.

Field NameSize OctetsTypeDescriptionRef.
command_length4IntegerDefines the overall length of the PDU.4.7.4
sequence_number4IntegerSet to a unique sequence number.4.7.24
source_addr_ton1IntegerType of Number for alert SME.4.7.1
source_addr_npi1IntegerNumbering Plan Indicator for alert SME.4.7.2
source_addrVar. max 65C-Octet StringAddress of alert SME.4.7.29
esme_addr_ton1IntegerType of Number for ESME address which requested the alert.4.7.1
esme_addr_npi1IntegerNumbering Plan Indicator for ESME address which requested the alert.4.7.2
esme_addrVar. max 65C-Octet StringAddress for ESME which requested the alert.4.7.11
Optional TLVs:
TLV NameTypeDescription
ms_availability_statusTLVThe status of the mobile station4.8.4.39

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