Web Portals and Applications

White label portals and applications for your organisation.

We design, build and operate communication services for you to include in the portfolio of services that you provide to your customers or that your use internally within your organisation.

The services are branded as your own and you are given your own management portal to monitor and manage your service as you need. Whether service inception is by Melrose Labs or as a result of your own team, we can build and operate it for you and leave you to get on with your business.

See the Tyr SMS Gateway webSMS and Notification Gateway services as examples of the web portals that can be created by Melrose Labs.

Service snapshot

  • Communication service creation for specific business applications
  • Web portals and applications for sending and receiving messages
  • Multi-modal communication (voice, video, SMS, email, chat)
  • API development
  • Integration of communications into applications

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