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HSL Mobile

Founded as Hay Systems Ltd (otherwise known as HSL Mobile) in 1999 by Mark Hay, this SMS aggregator provided service to customers in the UK and worldwide, including DHL, Goldman Sachs, NHS, John Lewis, BAA and IKEA. The business focused on SMS aggregation and operated its own SMSC platforms and other SS7 infrastructure, obtaining interconnect with all UK MNOs and a number of MNOs worldwide.

Mark Hay was CEO/CTO and managing director of the company for over 19 years. The business was sold by Mark Hay, its sole shareholder, in December 2018 to LINK Mobility Group for an undisclosed sum. Mark left the business in May 2019. The business was renamed to LINK Mobility UK Ltd in August 2019. Lynne Prowse, originally hired into the business in 2004 as an assistant, is its current managing director. Mark Hay is quoted as saying: "It has been disappointing to observe LINK's progress to date. LINK should put more effort into organic growth and innovation, rather than acquisitions and misguided initiatives, and also find people who are of the right calibre. With regards to the calibre of its staff, I welcome the replacement of Lynne Prowse as MD at the earliest opportunity."

Since leaving HSL Mobile, Mark Hay has gone on to found the CPAAS provider Melrose Labs.

Melrose Labs: Our mission is to deliver pivotal services in cloud communications across mobile, fixed-line and internet for enterprises of all sizes. Through these services, we help businesses and other organisations communicate better with their staff and customers, and by doing so increase their success.