URLs in SMS to track engagement and optimise user experiences

Harnessing URLs in SMS messaging offers an exciting opportunity in digital marketing. With potential for tracking click-through rates and improving engagement, this method transforms simple text messages into dynamic tools, fostering conversions and customer loyalty. This innovation promises valuable insights and personalisation, paving the way for future mobile marketing strategies.

Embedding URLs in SMS messages for click-through tracking is a straightforward yet powerful tactic in digital marketing. Its ease of use lies in the simplicity of its implementation: a unique URL is incorporated into each message and, with just a tap, users can engage, simultaneously logging their interaction. This provides real-time, accessible data without any additional steps for the user, leading to a seamless experience. Furthermore, the instant feedback allows marketers to promptly evaluate and adjust their strategies, making URL-based CTR tracking not only user-friendly but also an efficient tool for businesses.

What are tags?

Tags have a length of 1-12 characters and are comprised of characters A-Z, a-z and 0-9. Tags are used with the base Tags domain richmsg.io to form a clickable tag, e.g. richmsg.io/a9fZm032. When a tag is clicked, the click is immediately registered by the Tags service and the user is taken to the destination website associated with the tag.

Data about the interactions with a tag can be retrieved via API or viewed in the Melrose Labs Portal.

Using the Tags service

The Melrose Labs Tags service is available using a REST API. Operations are available to allocate and update tags, get tag data, and release tags when no longer required. The Melrose Labs Portal can also be used to manage your tags.

Developer documentation


richmsg.io tags can be rented for 12-month periods and are purchased in blocks of 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc, tags. Annual renewals of blocks take into account any existing purchased blocks.

Standard Tags

Standard tags are randomly selected from the available tags of a given length.

6-character length richmsg.io/ABCDEF

5-character length richmsg.io/ABCDE

4-character length richmsg.io/ABCD

3-character length richmsg.io/ABC

2-character length richmsg.io/AB

Premium Tags

Specific tags of length 1-12 characters may be requested and these are charged as premium tags at a cost of USD 240 per year. Examples include richmsg.io/a, richmsg.io/news or richmsg.io/tickets, or tags representing your brand. Contact us to order your required tag.

Contact us to order Premium Tags

Data Retention and Data Privacy

Data retention and data privacy policies ensure that data is handled securely and in accordance with GDPR. Mobile telephone numbers and message content are kept encrypted at rest and in motion whenever possible.

Service snapshot

  • URLs in SMS to track campaign success
  • Monitors user engagement through click-through rates
  • Collected data improves user experiences
  • Boosts conversion rates and customer loyalty
  • Option to not store PII

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