SMPP Testing

SMPP compliance and performance testing of SMSCs, SMS gateways and apps.

Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP ) implementation testing shows the level of conformance to the SMPP protocol when sending and receiving SMS messages between applications and mobiles. SMPP testing also determines the implementation's level of performance.

SMS applications (clients) and SMSCs/SMS gateways (servers) can be tested using the SMPP Testing service. Automated and manual testing is used with servers and clients, and covers SMPP v3.3, v3.4 and v5. SMPP testing consultancy services are available for indepth testing.

Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is used worldwide by applications to send and receive SMS messages to and from mobile users and devices. Compared to other SMS APIs, SMPP is often preferable because it is ideal when handling high SMS volumes, an industry standard protocol, and avoids vendor lock-in that can occur with proprietary protocols.


Melrose Labs provides a range of SMPP Testing services:

SMS Platform Testing

Conformance and performance:

Testing shows the conformance of an SMSC or SMS Gateway to the SMPP protocol and its performance (e.g. rate of SMS processing, submit latency, etc).

Scope document for Melrose Labs testing services: SMPP Testing Scope document (v0.2)

SMSC Simulator

Test your application's ability to send and receive SMS when using SMPP. The simulators are used to test MT SMS to mobiles and MO SMS from mobiles.

Dedicated SMSC Simulator instances and MO/MT Load Test Clients available on request.

SMPP Penetration Testing

Determines vulnerabilities in SMPP server, SMS gateway or SMSC SMPP implementation.

SMPP Client

SMPP client for testing with SMS gateways and SMSCs from a web browser. Supports SMPP v3.3, v3.4 and v5.

Alternatively, code samples for using SMPP can be found at Send SMS with SMPP.

SMPP Analyser

SMPP packets are analysed as they pass between the client application and the SMSC or SMS Gateway. The SMPP Analyser acts as an SMPP proxy, with the client application binding to the service and the service onward binding to the SMSC or SMS Gateway. Statistics on PDU type counts, outstanding delivery receipts, and malformed PDUs are provided.

Online SMPP Analyser is now publicly available.

SMS Load Test

Load test an SMS platform with 100s or 1000s of SMS/sec using one or more SMPP binds. MO and MT testing can be performed, including end-to-end testing to determine maximum submit TPS, latency and throughput.

Sample test report .

Contact us to discuss your load testing requirements.

SMS Platform Testing

SMSCs, SMS Gateways and SMPP Servers

Testing shows the conformance of an SMSC or SMS Gateway to the SMPP protocol , the extent of its support for SMPP, and its performance (e.g. rate of SMS processing). SMPP account credentials are used to connect to the SMPP server of the SMSC or SMS Gateway and perform testing.

SMPP tests available:

  • Connect and bind
  • Bind Type and Version Support (SMPP v3.3, v3.4, v5) [example]
  • SMS submission rate (single bind)
  • Delivery receipt support and reception rate
  • Attribute testing (e.g. validity period adherence)
  • SMS load testing (simultaneous binds, SMS load) [example]
  • SMPP operation support

Non-conformance with the SMPP protocol, connection attempt reliability and response timings are also reported.

The online tests are publicly available on this page. For all other SMPP implementation testing please contact us to discuss your testing requirements.

Online tests

Please provide the system ID of the SMPP account.
Please provide the password of the SMPP account.
Please provide the hostname or IP address of the SMSC / SMS Gateway.
Please provide the port number of the SMSC / SMS Gateway.
Please provide the system type of the SMPP account (if any).


SMS Application Testing

SMPP Clients

Our SMSC Simulator can be used for testing your SMS application. Testing can include submission rates, the behaviour of the application when errors are encountered, SMPP operation support, connection reliability testing, MO SMS and delivery receipt handling.

SMS Application Testing

See the SMSC Simulator service for testing your SMS application.

SMSC Simulator


Melrose Labs SMPP Testing pricing for our consultancy services is available on request.

Contact us for a quote

Service snapshot

  • SMPP server / SMSC / SMS Gateway testing - simulate SMS application (ESME)
  • SMS application testing - simulate SMSC / SMS gateway
  • SMPP protocol testing
  • SMS load testing

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