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Reporting and Analysis

Clearly understand your messaging traffic – volumes, revenue, costs and margins

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Understand your traffic – volumes, revenue, costs and margins.

Categories: Messaging Bulk SMS 

Optimal efficiency is required in the operation of messaging services in order to maximise profitability and customer satisfaction. This involves having a clear understanding of expected and actual costs and revenues at the individual message, destination network and customer levels.

Cost per Message analysis: CPE (Cost per ESME message), CPD (Cost per Delivered) and CPA (Cost per Attmempt)

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Service snapshot

  • Analysis of customer inbound and outbound traffic
  • Analysis of supplier inbound and outbound traffic
  • CPM (cost per message) and MPM (margin per message) analysis for attempted and delivered SMS
  • CPM and MPM expected vs actual with cause analysis
  • Customer and supplier billing reconciliation

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