RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging - an evolution of SMS text messaging

Rich Communications Services (RCS) represents the future of mobile messaging, designed to evolve beyond the limitations of traditional SMS.

Since its inception by industry leaders in 2007 and its adoption by the GSM Association in 2008, RCS struggled with carrier support and other challenges for nearly a decade. However, a significant breakthrough occurred in 2018 when Google collaborated with major mobile carriers worldwide to promote the RCS protocol. This collaboration birthed Chat, a messaging protocol based on the RCS Universal Profile, poised to replace SMS and enhance messaging with features like image sharing and interactive communication, which are crucial for increasing retail sales and conversion rates.

This evolution stands on the shoulders of SMS, which launched commercially in December 1992. Over the years, handset manufacturers like Nokia and various carriers jumped on the messaging bandwagon, leading to widespread adoption. By 2010, mobile subscribers were exchanging 6.1 trillion SMS messages, marking nearly two decades of SMS dominance. RCS, with its advanced capabilities, is set to redefine the messaging landscape, offering a richer, more interactive mobile messaging experience than its SMS predecessor.

RCS Business Messaging services and tools.

RCS Chatbot Gateway

Gateway between chatbots and RCS Chatbox Platforms. Supports MaaP to RCS Chatbot Platforms.

RCS MaaP Simulator

Simulate an RCS Chatbot Platform and mobiles for testing chatbots.

RCS Developer Tools

Tools for developers and operations teams building, deploying and maintaining applications that support RCS.

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