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Rich SMS

Rich messaging via SMS.

Use Rich SMS when you want to provide a smart and high-quality customer experience through mobile devices. Rich SMS is the use of SMS to deliver Rich Messaging and goes well beyond plain SMS messaging. It can provide meaningful and secure interactions that include calls-to-actions (CTAs), text, video and images that reinforce your brand and perform a purpose.

The power of Rich SMS comes not only from what the user can see on their mobile screen but also from the interactions that take place through the integration with a customer's systems. These integrations with CRM systems allow order history to be retrieved and personalisation of messages. They also enable orders or bookings to be taken and done in a way that delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Some of our services that can use SMS for delivery of messaging and are examples of Rich SMS include:

  • Campaign Solo - Sending mobile marketing campaigns via SMS text message. Include a link to your website where customers can take advantage of your promotion or offer.
  • Collect - Delivers forms for collecting customer data when customers sign-up to your loyalty scheme or mailing list.
  • Rich Messaging - Delivery of rich media messages.
  • Cards - Delivery of rich media cards.
  • Notification Gateway - Delivery of messages.

Service snapshot

  • Worldwide coverage
  • High reliability and availability
  • Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS
  • Video, audio, images, text and CTAs via SMS

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