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Adaptive Cards in Rich Messaging

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Adaptive Cards is a card technology supported by the Melrose Labs Cards service. The creation, hosting, communication and management of Adaptive Cards, and other supported card technologies, is the purpose of the service. Use the Cards service to send informative, engaging and interactive cards via chat, SMS text, email or QR code.

The Cards service uses Adaptive Cards templates to combine card layout and data on-the-fly. Several card templates are available to select from, or you can request new templates suitable for your data. The service will soon bring dynamic cards that refresh the data on the card whenever retrieved from the service.

When a card is created, it is hosted by the service and accessible using a short URL that can distributed to the intended audience. This short URL will, by default, serve a webpage containing the created card and the card will be rendered to the user (e.g. ). Use the short URL to retrieve the card in JSON format for native rendering (e.g. ).

Create a card based on Adaptive Cards

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Rich Messaging

Rich media messaging that goes beyond SMS text for more engaging customer interactions.


Creation, hosting, communication and management of cards with visual and audio content, and actions

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