What is CPaaS and what does it mean for my business?

CPaaS: the bringing together of messaging, voice, SMS and video communications

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18 January 2021

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform-as-a-Service, and CPaaS providers provide APIs or software tools that enable businesses to build real-time messaging, voice or video into new or existing applications.

Businesses can use the services of CPaaS providers to easily integrate new channels that enable communication with customers. CPaaS providers take care of the heavy lifting associated with different communication channels and make these channels accessible to businesses via APIs and software tools.

APIs are often chosen by businesses that have existing platforms. Some CPaaS providers may also have software development kits (SDKs). These would allow developers to build real-time messaging, voice or video into new or existing applications. Software development kits allow reduced development time compared with integrating an API.

Communication channels from CPaaS providers

CPaaS for SMS text messaging and OTT chat are the most obvious communication channels that a business will think of using. There are other channels that CPaaS can bring.

  • Messaging:
    • SMS
    • OTT chat: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Signal
    • Email
    • RCS
    • Push notifications
  • Voice - SIP, RTP, VoIP
  • Video - WebRTC

What does CPaaS mean for my customers?

CPaaS can enable your business to be contactable whenever your customer chooses and through whatever channel the customer prefers. It enables personalised communications between your business and your customers that help your customers feel valued. A happy customer whose business is valued is a customer that is more likely to remain a customer.

What does CPaaS mean for my business?

Businesses need to be where their customers can be found in order to reach them, whether for marketing, sales or customer services. CPaaS provides the communication services to do this, whether it's by SMS text message or real-time chat.

Embracing CPaaS in your business puts you in a better position than a competitor that hasn't. By doing so, you have the tools to have the best communication with your customers and give them a better customer experience. When a new channel comes along (and there's always something new), having access to that channel allows you to take the opportunities that it provides for your business without significant investment in time and money.

Because of its broad appeal and versatility, many parts of a business are interested in CPaaS. At every level and in every department, CPaaS improves operations for all involved.

CPaaS from Melrose Labs

Melrose Labs is a cloud communication services provider in fixed-line, mobile, internet and satellite communications for voice, messaging, video and identity services. Our services help businesses and other organisations communicate better with their staff and customers, and increase their success.

Our service portfolio is diverse and spans Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). The primary focus across the communications mediums is voice, messaging and video, with a range of APIs for simple and complex tasks, and sophisticated services for mobile marketing, emergency notification and cloud PBX. Messaging services include rich messaging, SMS, email, social media and chat.

Melrose Labs provides a wide selection of services in CPaaS.

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