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Collect customer data so you can market more effectively.

Use with Campaign Solo, or standalone, to collect customer data for marketing.

Collect is used for collecting the customer data that you need to better understand your customers and to market more effecively to them through text marketing and other methods. Collect works by giving customers communication contact points that they can use for giving you information about them as part of a sign-up or other process. These contact points can be at point-of-sale, in-store or wherever customers can see your sign-up code.

This sign-up code is either a QR code or short code. When your customer uses that sign-up code with their mobile - either by scanning the QR code or texting the short code - they will be taken to a form to collect all the information that you need about them. This can be customer contact and other personal details, and optionally survey responses.

QR code shopping mall
QR code table
QR code billboard
QR code bus stop

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Service snapshot

  • Collect customer data at point-of-sale, in-store and wherever customers can see your sign-up code.
  • Display Collect on in-store signage, print media, indoor and outdoor advertising, and printed material.
  • Collect customer contact and other personal details, and optionally survey customers.
  • Inbound SMS numbers for customer opt-in.
  • QR codes for customer opt-in using the web.
  • Link Collect to an audience in Campaign Solo - automatically add customers to campaigns.
  • API to add to your audience from your website or elsewhere.
  • Portal to manage your audiences and other customer data.
  • GDPR compliant collection and data management.

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