Phone System for Startups

A startup business needs the right tools for success. Is a hosted PBX phone system a good choice for them?

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CloudPBX is an ideal phone system for startups, allowing you to have a sophisticated office phone system with minimal cost.

You need a phone system when you start a business. You can't receive all your calls on your mobile when people call your business. Having a landline number on your website adds credibility and you need to route that number to a phone. Since it is not practical to always route all business calls to your mobile, you want to leverage your (currenly small) team to take calls as they come in. This means that you need a phone system of some description.

Why a startup needs a phone system

  • You need to look bigger than you are.
  • You need more than one person to answer calls.
  • You want to have calls going to different people.
  • You want to appear as though you have separate teams.
  • You want the phone answered when you are out (auto-attendant and voicemail).

Choosing a phone system for your start-up

What options do start-ups have when they are looking for a phone system?

On-premises phone system

  • Often an out-dated phone system
  • Line rental costs
  • Can only be used in the office - no mobility
  • Tied into a lease/rental for 1 or more years

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Advanced hosted PBX phone system for your team.

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