LINK Mobility UK

LINK Mobility UK was founded as Hay Systems Ltd (otherwise known as HSL Mobile) in November 1999 by Mark Hay.

Mark Hay was owner, CEO/CTO and Managing Director of the company for over 19 years. The business was sold by Mark Hay in December 2018 to LINK Mobility Group of Oslo, Norway. In August 2019, the company was renamed from Hay Systems Ltd to LINK Mobility UK Ltd. Its current managing director was originally hired by Mark Hay in 2004, and Mark's final task as owner was their appointment as MD under the new owners.

Since leaving HSL Mobile, Mark Hay has gone on to found the CPaaS provider Melrose Labs.

Melrose Labs: 我们的使命是为企业,短信聚合器和消息传递提供商提供跨移动,固定电话和互联网的云通信中的关键服务。这些服务使组织能够在向客户提供服务,可靠性,对服务的洞察力以及提高的运营效率方面取得飞跃。