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SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway for Sending and Receiving SMS

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SMS Gateways from Melrose Labs can be used to quickly and easily enable an application to send and receive SMS. We provide two separate gateways suitable for handling the most demanding messaging requirements, with one aimed at those wishing to operate their own gateway (SMPP SMS Gateway), and the other for those who need a gateway for their own traffic (Tyr SMS Gateway).

The SMPP SMS Gateway allows providers to operate their own bulk SMS gateway service, with their customers connecting to the gateway and connections from the gateway to the provider's suppliers. Alternatively, the Tyr SMS Gateway is for our customers to send and receive SMS using our connections with mobile networks worldwide.


SMPP SMS Gateway

Cloud-based high capacity and high reliability SMPP SMS Gateway platform with advanced routing. Supports A2P and P2A SMS.

Tyr SMS Gateway

SMS gateway platform for A2P, P2A, bulk, wholesale, business, text marketing and other applications to UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries.

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