LINK Mobility

LINK Mobility Group is a mobile communications company. The Group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and is substantially owned by ABRY Partners, located in Boston, USA.

In 2017, LINK Mobility had a total turnover of 1,294 billion NOK (€131 million) with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. In 2018, LINK Mobility had a total turnover of 1,972 billion NOK (€200 million) with additional offices in Hungary and UK.

LINK Mobility (the Norwegian entity) was founded by Jens Rugseth, who also holds the position of chairman of the board. The CEO of LINK Mobility is Guillaume Van Gaver.

LINK Mobility Group AS is 100% owned by Victory Partners VIII Norway AS, who in turn are 100% owned by Victory Partners VIII Norway Holdings AS and who have ownership as follows: 77.946% Victory Partners VIII Ltd, 7.099% Sundahl Aps (Søren Sundahl), 6.817% RUGZ AS (Jens Rugseth), 3.543% SEVENCS AS (Rune Syversen) and 4.595% other shareholders.

Victory Partners VIII Ltd, a UK company, is owned by ABRY VII CAPITAL INVESTORS (CAYMAN AIV), LLC and various other shareholders. ABRY Partners hold approximately 65% of the shares in Victory Partners VIII Ltd.

LINK Mobility Group acquired HSL Mobile from Mark Hay in December 2018.

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