Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is the name given to the sending of a large number of SMS messages to a broad audience. It allows businesses to deliver SMS messages safely, quickly and directly to their customers worldwide. Use it for competitions, marketing campaigns, notifications to employees, promotions or events. Its ability to send a high volume of messages at the same time is what defines Bulk SMS. SMS can be sent programmatically from an application using SMS APIs and libraries or SDKs, by using an SMS text messaging add-on or extension to software (e.g. Microsoft Excel), by using an application with in-built SMS text messaging capability or by using a SaaS (software-as-a-service) application through your web browser. An example of a SaaS application for sending bulk SMS for marketing purposes is the Melrose Labs Campaign Solo service for SMS text marketing. Programming or scripting languages such as Python, PHP, Node.js, Go and others can be used with SMS APIs such as SMPP and REST to send and receive SMS. See also Melrose Labs Bulk SMS.

Melrose Labs Tyr SMS Gateway
Melrose Labs SMPP SMS Gateway

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