Voice conferencing for teams.


Enter the Melrose Labs Conference service conference room telephone number and click the ✓ button.

Click to join the conference. To leave the conference click . Microphone is muted when indicated.


Browsers supported: Safari Chrome Firefox Opera Microsoft Edge

Test your speakers and microphone

Meeting Participants

On this page you can join a Melrose Labs Conference call for free via the web. Enter the conference room telephone number above (unless already present) and click on to join the conference call.

Once you have entered the conference room telephone number you can test your speakers and microphone without joining the conference:

: Allows you to confirm that you can hear the conference call and you can be heard on the call. This test will echo back to you on your speaker what you say into your microphone. Echo is delayed by 5 seconds.

: Allows you to check you can hear the conference. Music should be heard on your speaker.

For further information on using the service please see the Service Guide.

Join a different conference call.

Meeting Hosts

If you are the host of a conference, then share the Conference Web Link of your conference room with those you wish to join your conference call. This will allow those participants to join the call via the web from this page (for free) rather than needing to make a telephone call to join.

If you would like a PIN added to your conference room, then let us know.

This page is for joining a Melrose Labs Conference audio conference call for free via the web. If you want to set-up a new audio conference room for your team, you can get dedicated voice conferencing for your team on the Conference page.

If instead you wish to have a video conference with your team, then you can set-up a video conference using Melrose Labs Video Conferencing.

For further information on using the service please see the Service Guide.

  Beta Accessing conferences via the web, instead of dialling-in to the conference room via a normal telephone call, is currently in beta. Accessing via the web may not work correctly or may not work on all devices. Please provide feedback to our Support team. Thank you.

We hope that your Conference account is making a difference to your team. If you have any suggestions for improving the service, or are unhappy with any aspect of it, then please do not hesitate to contact the Melrose Labs Support team.