Melrose Labs SMPP Load Test

SMS load test tool.

Usage instructions

Perform an SMS load test via SMPP from a web browser and view the results.

The SMPP Load Test tool will submit SMS messages via SMPP at the specified rate. The messages are sent to one or more mobile numbers in a range from a single source address or range of source addresses.

Query string parameters

Use the following parameters in the URL query string to preset the SMPP Load Test fields.

The following sets the target SMPP host and port.

SMPP account
hostSMPP server
portSMPP server port (normally 2775)2775
systemidSMPP account system IDabcdef
passwordSMPP account password123456
systemtypeSMPP account system type (normally empty)CMT


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SMPP account

IP or hostname of SMSC or SMS gateway
SMPP account system ID
SMPP account password
SMPP account system type
SMPP ver.
Status Unbound

Configure submit_sm

Please provide an address (min. 8 characters).
Range size
Please provide an address (min. 8 characters).
Range size
Please provide a service type (max. 5 characters).
0 chars (0 bits)

Configure test run

Quantity of messages
Rate of SMS submission
Quantity of binds
Size of submit window

Test results

SMPP Body (hex)